Poco Tapas Curitiba

Av. Vicente Machado, 2786
Batel - Curitiba, PR
(41) 99682-8758




If Poco Tapas was a startup company. I would invest my life savings into it. And I would come out a millionaire. The fact that the tasting menu changes every 3 days provides new variety to the dishes and keeps you wanting to go back. The fact that the tasting menu price is not expensive at all co...

I had the best gastronomy experience ever in Poco Tapas. I've just told my restrictions to the Chef (not to eat carbs, nor pork) and, then, I've let me go to the surprises of the Degustation Menu. The dishes are from worldwide and the way they are presented surprises you. Really good cost-benefit...

Pipoca Bafo do Dragão

chamada pipoca


The Restaurant

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Opening Hours


Monday to Saturday from 7pm.
Reservations recommended.

Av. Vicente Machado, 2786, Batel - Curitiba, PR
(41) 99682-8758