Tapas para Eventos

As opções do menu à la carte estão disponíveis de Segunda a Quinta-feira. Sextas e Sábados o Poco Tapas serve somente o Menu Degustação. 


Mediterranean Bruschetta (Greece)

Brunoise of olives and caper with italian tomatoes, greek olive oil, fresh basil and lemon juice

Papas Bravas (Spain)

Torne of Potatoes with a cream of garlic and potatoes

Cheese Quesadilla (Mexico)

Flour Tortilla stuffed with 2 cheeses and served with fresh homemade guacamole

Gnocchetti Pesto (Poco Tapas)

Mini Gnocchi tossed with arugula pesto, walnuts and fresh parmesan cheese

Saffron Risoto (Italy)

Saffron risoto made with saffron and lemon and served with arugula pesto and balsamic caramel

Molecular tomato Ravioli (Poco Tapas)

Ravioli made with tomato juice stuffed with boursin cheese and saffron champagne sauce



Lollipop Lamp Chops (Greece)

Frenched rack of lamb in greek seasonings topped with ritz cracker crumbs and clarified butter

Yucca Mash (Poco Tapas)

Puree of yucca with 2 types of smoked sausage and topped with ritz cracker crumbs and butter

Sun dried tomato crusted Chicken (USA)

Thin Strips of chicken breast crusted in sun dried tomatoes, served with lemon aioli

Filet au Poivre (Frane)

File Mignon crusted with black pepper and served with gorgonzola mash and brandy demi glace

Filet tartar with quail Egg (Germany)

Raw filet chopped with mediterranean seasonings and served with powder olive oil

Steak Dianne (France)

Creole mustard crusted filet mignon cooked in conhac demi glace and served over mashed potato

Great Grandma Gnhocchi (Córdoba)

Mini Gnocchi with fresh bolognese saude and parmesan cheese

Bulgogi (Korea)

Thin cut rib eye cooked in a rock tableside and served with sushi Rice



Molecular Flounder Spaguetti (Poco Tapas)

We reconstructed flounder into spaguetti and served with scampi sauce

Oriental Calamari (China)

Calamari fried in Panko then saute in oriental seasoning and ginger vinagretee with soy sauce spaguetti

Molecular shrimp Gnhocci (Poco Tapas)

Eeconstruted shrimp into gnhocchi and served with dende oil and coconut milk

Boursin and Crab (Japan)

Sushi rice topped with fresh salmon, boursin cheese and Paprika, then bruleed tableside

Hawaiian Shrimp Ceviche (Chile)

Shrimp cooked in lemon juice, fresh pineapple, coconut water and topped with soy sauce caviar

Soft shell Crab Creole (New Orleans)

Soft shell crab dusted in corn meal and served with a lemony guacamole

Kids Menu

Grilled Filet Mignon

Grilled Filet Mignon with fried tourne potatoes

Baby Gnocchi

House made gnocchi with a bolognese sauce

Chicken tenders

Breaded chicken stripes with fried potatoes and house made barbecue sauce

Besides the menu a la cart, chef Fabio Mattos is always creating new dishes on the tasting menu. Check out the photos and videos of some of the dishes at the gallery.

Aipim Mesclado Aipim Mesclado Bulgogi (Korea) Bulgogi (Korea)
Calamari Oriental (China) Calamari Oriental (China) Chimichanga Coca-Cola (México) Chimichanga Coca-Cola (México)
Costela de Cordeiro com Bolacha Crocante (Grécia) Costela de Cordeiro com Bolacha Crocante (Grécia)
Siri Mole Creolo (New Orleans - USA) Siri Mole Creolo (New Orleans - USA)
Spaghetti Molecular de Linguado Spaghetti Molecular de Linguado  


If Poco Tapas was a startup company. I would invest my life savings into it. And I would come out a millionaire. The fact that the tasting menu changes every 3 days provides new variety to the dishes and keeps you wanting to go back. The fact that the tasting menu price is not expensive at all co...

I had the best gastronomy experience ever in Poco Tapas. I've just told my restrictions to the Chef (not to eat carbs, nor pork) and, then, I've let me go to the surprises of the Degustation Menu. The dishes are from worldwide and the way they are presented surprises you. Really good cost-benefit...

Pipoca Bafo do Dragão

chamada pipoca


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