If Poco Tapas was a startup company. I would invest my life savings into it. And I would come out a millionaire. The fact that the tasting menu changes every 3 days provides new variety to the dishes and keeps you wanting to go back. The fact that the tasting menu price is not expensive at all completely baffles me. I love this restaurant and it is slowly and surely beginning to creep up into my top restaurants in the world. It is already the my top restaurant in Curitiba and now is top 3 in Brazil.

Postado no Yelp por Keith C. – Chicago, EUA

I had the best gastronomy experience ever in Poco Tapas. I’ve just told my restrictions to the Chef (not to eat carbs, nor pork) and, then, I’ve let me go to the surprises of the Degustation Menu. The dishes are from worldwide and the way they are presented surprises you. Really good cost-benefit. A trip to Curitiba is worth at least just to have this unique experience of a molecular cuisine!!!

Postado no Tripadvisor por Regina K

Poco Tapas is a highly recommended place with very interesting dishes to try out. Def not a restaurant to go and eat loads until full but to enjoy and having fun with the different textures of the food. This molecular food is absolutely amazing! The enviroment is very friendly and Chef Fabio also present the dishes in English.

Postado no Tripadvisor por Bruna H – Hamburgo – Alemanha

My girlfriend and I are culinary students travelling through santa cantarina state visiting Camboriou, Floripa and Joinville. We went to Joinvillle for the first time and ate at Poco Tapas, it was a great surprise!!!! the food, presentation, ambiance all beautifully connected. Chef Fabio even comes to your tabled and spends time to explain every dish. Loved the interaction with the clients. if you love upscale modern food with great flavor served in a casual tapas style, go to Poco Tapas you will love the experiece and food!!!!!!!!! Thanks Chef Fabio we had a great time see you soon!

Postado no Tripadvisor por Eric M – Toronto – Canadá

Like Anton Ego’s said on Ratatouille: Perspective. Great meal, serving tapas from all around the world, combined with an impressive service and a rich wine list, this is certainly the best restaurant in Joinville.

Postado no Tripadvisor por LeandroMoraesLoures – Joinville – SC