Poco Tapas Tasting

The Tasting was created so that in one sitting our clients could experience a true Gastronomical Adventure. This tasting has 8 tapas, served in the center of the table to be shared and 4 desserts including our famous Dragon’s breath popcorn.

The Tapas of the Tasting are chosen by the chef and are specials of that day and exclusive creations of Poco Tapas. On any given day we are able to provide 4 different tastings one more creative than the other. The Chef does not stop creating and the tastings are also in constant movement.

In case you have any restrictions whatsoever the Chef will adapt to satisfy your needs. Poco Tapas is able to ensemble tastings for vegetarian, lactose intolerant etc… all with the same quality of the regular menu.

The kitchen only works with the freshest ingredients and because of that, during certain seasons, we change that menu to adapt to the availability of ingredients. All to ensure the freshest of ingredients.


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