So many unexpected surprises to tantalise the taste buds

WOW.. what a place

Went to this restaurant last night after reading other reviews on here. WOW.. what a place you arrive the door opens , sat at your table almost instantly and given a brief explanation of whats in store. The night begins with a cocktail that literally is served on a spoon, followed by a 15 course tasting menu, we are asked if we are ok with seafood, meats etc, or have any allergies , and then without further a do , the surprises arrive, one by one. Each plate is delivered by the chef and explained, we are then left to go ahead and devour, after each plate is served there is a good few minutes to chat between courses, digest the incredible creations and wonder whats in store for the next round. What a delightful way to spend an evening . To write whats on the menu here, i believe would spoil the surprise element and that of course is a major part of the experience at this restaurant, but think of good wholesome Brazilian and European flavours. My suggestion simply go there , do not ask questions and let them entertain you.
Other points: – They have a very good wine list , and the service is excellent.

Posted at Tripadvisor by ThomasFone – Birmingham, United Kingdom

Amazing Experience

Dining here was an amazing experience

Dining here was an amazing experience. We decided to go for the set menu which consisted of a variety of poco Tapas prepared by the chef who is an expert in gastronomy. Each dish was served was something different. Chef Fabio Mattos ( also the owner of Poco Tapas ) a specialist in Molecular Gastronomy came to the table and explained what it was and how it has to be consumed because some dished were prepared using the liquid nitrogen and could be hazardous. On the whole it was such an enjoyable evening and I would highly recommend the place..must visit if you are in Curitiba.

Posted at Tripadvisor by ShobhaK3 

As good as advertised

My high expectations were actually exceeded

I came here with a party of 10, my friend having raved about the incredible flavors and presentation. My high expectations were actually exceeded. Most people who come to Poco Tapas do the tasting menu, which includes 10 small dishes and 5 small desserts. Al of them were excellent and quite distinct from one another. The dinner table conversation revolved around which one was the best, but they were impossible to compare. Each of them featured distinct flavors and impeccable presentation. They arrived at appropriate intervals and were explained in Portuguese and English. I should have skipped lunch that day because the amount of food was eventually considerable. The all-black super minimalist and modern interior is hip. The place is small and intimate. It is hard to think of anything this restaurant could improve except that the craft beer on the menu is very expensive. Nonetheless, I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone going to Curitiba.

Posted at Tripadvisor by Ryan W. – Santiago, Chile

Innovative with a special touch!

Poco Tapas shows an immense talent to be able to make it in one of the worlds best.

Poco Tapas shows an immense talent to be able to make it in one of the worlds best. With the direction they’re going in, they’re definitely going to be know internationally soon. If you’re in the state of Paraná, make a reservation and go on a journey to satisfaction at Poco Tapas!


Posted at Tripadvisor by AvGeekMuj – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


A fantastic restaurant!

A fantastic restaurant! I recommend for anyone how like delicious food. Cheers for the Chef who always thinks about different flavors!

Posted at Tripadvisor by andrefkCuritiba, PR

Excellent fine dining

Easily one of the best dinners I ever had!

Easily one of the best dinners I ever had! The atmosphere is calm and the tasting menu excellent. The molecular caipirinha is a fun way to start the meal, each plate was tasty and imaginative and the pipoca bafo de dragão a great way to end it.


Posted at Tripadvisor by sussex_sometimes


They just blew my mind, and it's not even my first time here.

They just blew my mind, and it’s not even my first time here.
The chef reduced American bbq to a bite size dish and it was amazing.
They innovate and surprise you ever time. Worth the money, the time and the hype.

Posted at Tripadvisor by Polly R


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