Whoever passes by vicente Machado avenue, Curitiba, can not imagine that there lies a great restaurant with a very diferent perspective on dinning, a fantastic gastronomic experience. We want to enchant you with our unique serving style and mouth watering creations. Very discrete on the outside and specially decorated on the inside. The lighting is perfectly alligned with the décor and is perfect for your gathering with friend, family and that special someone. Besides the tasting menu with have a great selection on wines, homemade beers and molecular drinks.


Monday to Saturday, starting at 7pm Tasting menu only

Molecular Gastronomy

International dishes prepared with modern tecniques and molecular gastronomy. There is no limit in what poco tapas can do or create for you. But what is molecular gastronomy: It is the science and fenomenon that occurs on food while we cook. This study garantees us the best result on the quality of the cooking utilizind these tecniques. It allows us to create and tranform textures, shapes and flavors where normal cooking tecniques does not. It is not just the cooking though, it is the plating itself and the freedom to creat visually surprising dishes

Fun desserts

Poco tapas uses a great deal of liquid nitrogen, with that we created a super fun dessert, our Dragon’s breath popcorn, which is a popcorn with a special caramel, and frozen in liquid nitrogen. The popcorn when in contact with your mouth causes and effect that makes blow smoke through your mouth and even nose, hence the dragon’s breath