A complete help from someone who really understands all alpects of the restaurant business. If you already have an establishment or are looking to open one, contact chef fabio mattos 41 996828758 and get a estimate Chef fabio mattos will share all his knowledge with you and your staff to achieve the best results in your kitchen and restaurant. Creating menus, daily specials and even how to talk to customers, all to set your restaurant for success

Creating a Menu

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, and that is why developing a unique menu is so important for the success of your establishment. Chef fabio mattos creates menus to your liking and desires, but that is not all, chef fabio also assists you planing the front of the house staff as well as the kitchen staff, number of people needed, equipments and also selection of dishes, all that to satisfy all kinds of clients.

Training the staff

Well trained staff are essencial to all kinds of business. In the case of restaurants is no diferent. Many tecniques are applied in the dinning room service, and the chef will be there to help you every step of the way.


From creating a menu to training your staff and manager. Chef fabio’s consulting includes:
  • Creating a menu
  • Training the kitchen staff
  • Training the dinning room staff
  • Presenting and explaining dishes
  • Shopping list
  • Organization of the kitchen
  • Help on choosing the right equipment
  • How to handle the food on daily basis
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